Solar Farms


PowerAid for Ghana

We can Fund (through PSECC Ltd) & supply clean Green Renewable Energy (electricity) to each commercial client and also villages and towns in Ghana.

Also our smaller solar systems can be supplied to villages in Ghana that are not connected to the National Grid system.


MMW World Ltd is the SPV owning company, Registered in ACCRA Ghana April 2018 in order to assist the Government of Ghana with Solar PV electricity also for the 50MW Solar Farm projects at NSUTA-BUEM - Kadjebi - Volta Region of Ghana & Small Off Grid solar systems for villages.


Mr Martins Nnuro has made possible a new "Power Aid" programme, Waste Management & Solar Farm development partnership with PSECC Ltd of the UK. PSECC Ltd, one of our major shareholders have been advising PENNGATE Ltd & Ghanergize Power Ltd over the past nine months on Integrated Waste Management and submitted reports to the Government that were accepted and agreed too.  PSECC Ltd indicated a short-term, Medium-term and Long Term approached to Waste Management in Ghana.

The Solid Waste Management strategy only indicated eight Waste Transfer stations and four Landfill options but PSECC Ltd altered the Governments direction by submitting concepts of Integrated Waste Management - Gasification and Waste-to-Energy Options for  ACCRA together with the transfer stations and landfill sites.  To date PSECC Ltd have arranged for NCE to provide Gasification options together with funding being arranged by NCE in Oman for each Waste-to-Energy plant for Ghana in ACCRA and soon Kumasi.


As well as the 50MW Solar Farm at NSUTA-BUEM - Kadjebi - Volta Region of Ghana, PSECC Ltd have a 20MW Solar Farm project at Simbrofo in Central Region of Ghana, awaiting it's Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  The Provisional License for the 50MW Solar Farm is currently being applied for and a PPA expected approximately June / July 2022.

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Waste in Ghana

Municipal Management of Waste (MMW)

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More street waste

Municipal Management of Waste (MMW)

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LED Street light

15W 20W All in Two solar led flood light (some customers also call it all in one high power solar flood light ) series is an IP67 rechargeable solar lighting system. This solar lighting kit is  composed of solar panel, all the components are built-inside of light fixture, including microwave sensor or PIR sensor , Lithium battery and  high quality PWM / MPPT controller. This high power solar light was designed specially for the remote area where is lack of power or the places where the electricity is not able to reach. It gives a very high lumen output with up to 12 hours with 100% power.The brightness max is about 7,800lm with 60W LED consumption. rather than The most important advantage is solar panel can be increased to make sure enough power can be generated for every night use. It is an ideal solution for these areas where the sunshine is not stable or strong. It is a good solar light for most of European countries. It guarantees even in winter time there is continuously lighting.



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Solar PV panels for commercial & homes

Solar PV panels for commercial properties, Home installations, schools and commercial clients


Ghana like many other African Countries have abundant Solar resources that will transform the economy of Ghana if harnessed in Solar Farms.


We understand that the Government of Ghana are to stop all new Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) from being issued until 2022 for Solar Farms in order to enhance their National Grid systems with ECG.


We hope to submit in 2022 our three Solar Farm projects in the Volta and Central Regions of Ghana for consideration of a PPA.


The Government also propose to have an increase over and above the current Renewable Energy targets by increasing it by 10%.


THe Waste-to-Energy plants will also produce electricity and arrangements have been made for these plants to obtain a PPA as they also help to resolve the tremendous Waste problem in Ghana as well as produce Renewable Energy - Electricity from Waste (EFW).

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Our "Power Aid" Solar OFF - GRID Solar Arrays - Cheaper electricity for Villages & Towns and each Factory "One District - One Factory"

We have chosen and hope to negotiate a way forward with the German company to assist us in our "Power Aid" Solar Factory programme sector. Below is a write-up from the German company.

The fact is, energy is a human right, but extending electricity to every human being who both requires and desires it, cannot be done solely through national electrical grids. The solution will most likely involve the implementation of mini grids and other decentralised options. This is especially true in the case of isolated communities.

Mini grids offer an alternative that entirely avoids many of the challenges that new and expensive grid infrastructure investments require. Mini grid systems are becoming increasingly competitive compared to the cost of traditional grid extension programmes, thanks to our battery storage, and are a key component in achieving universal access to electricity for all. The reasons for this are the rapidly decreasing costs of the technology, increasing reliability and a solid deployment track record, all of which have strengthened the case for the accelerated adoption of stand-alone and mini grid solar solutions across the continent.

Larger Solar Farms are also possible - grid connected.



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Our "Power Aid" Solar OFF - GRID Solar for Villages

The Not for Profit organisation SolarAid already are helping many villages in Africa with their Project Switch programme.

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Other Solar lighting

The HELIOS solar street light is a pioneer model for all in two design of solar street lights, It has a very quick & simple installation  It ensure the installation as simple as possible, while it  also guarantee continues high power output for every night use. With separated solar panel. Customer can use any solar panel on market directly. and customers can select the suitable powers of panel according to local sunshine radiation. HELIOS is adopting 48/72/90 pcs of Philips SMD3030 as light source, These LEDs are driven with a lower current in order to get a high lumens output which is more than 150lm/W practically.

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Waste Management

Municipal Management of Waste (MMW) - Ghana like many developing nations have a problem with waste and the management of that waste.  Alan Brewer of PSECC Ltd (our Technical Advisor) is able to Build, Own and operate together with fund (via NCE in Oman) Waste-to-Energy Plants under the Presidents new project No. 2 - Solid Waste Management project. PSECC Ltd are advising Ghanergize power Ltd and the Government of Ghana on Waste Management and Ghanergize Power Ltd hope to have the first plant operational in ACCRA in two years time. We are hoping to work on this Presidents Waste project and are waiting on official Authorisation. Ghanergize Power Ltd are negotiating via NCE in Oman funding to be arranged for the ACCRA Waste-to-Energy Plant - this project and the EPC Company Atkins will be the  lead company. NCE are in negotiations also with funders for the Kumasi project.

We intend to develop a 30MW Waste-to-Energy Plant in Kumasi and have been working with PSECC Ltd for over eight months on Waste & Solar Farm development for Ghana. One of our Shareholders is currently working on the Presidents Waste project with Ghanergize Power Ltd as the SPV lead company.

This will supply additional electricity from our Waste-to-Energy Plants to the Grid which have Zero Emission and Zero to landfill.

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MMW are the Exclusive importers -Solar & Fan rental options - Rental Options - pay each week.

Small Solar Home Lighting Systems starting from 5w to 100W. Our Systems are specially designed for rural markets such as small villages and towns.

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Solar & Fan rental options

A Rental Option is possible by payments being set up through Village Elders or IMPESA

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Solar lights & Fan

Solar Lights, Fan and Mobile changing point and Laptop connection point.

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Solar - Laptop - TV connection and other appliances

Green Village Power is looking to have an alliance with Micro Finance Companies, NGOs & Rural Marketing Companies who have connectivity to last mile customers.

Since Micro Finance Companies (MFIs) are already having the enriched customer base in the rural market here lies opportunity to shake hand in “partnership program” to finance rural & last mile micro-entrepreneurs & end-users.

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15W Solar Light LED

15W 20W Solar LED Flood Light

HELIOS All in one Solar Flood Light is an special designed fixture, It is developed based on HELIOS street light.  It build in lithium battery, solar controller, and LED source. Motion sensor is optional for security function or energy saving purpose.   Up to 90Pcs of Philips SMD3030 as light source, it gives more than 150lm/W high lumens, 30W is equal to lumens of 50W normal led flood light. MC4 connectors makes connection to solar panel very easy.
This lighting fixtures contains solar light head and solar panel connected by 2.5MM2 cable with UNIVERSAL MC4 plugs. Distance from light to panel can reach to 30 meters. It is a reliable and durable stand alone solar solution for sustainable billboard lighting , advertising board lighting, parking lighting, Car parking lighting, garden lighting etc ,perfect in arid, tropical and temperate environments. Light Specifications can be customized as requested, OEM is welcomed
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Our Main Message

We desire enhanced Sustainable Development for Ghana and recommend Gasification - Waste-to-Energy plants to deal with Ghana's Waste - Zero Emissions and Zero Landfill.

In order to take forward our first of two Solar Farms in Ghana at  NSUTA-BUEM - Kadjebi - Volta Region. We have been assisted by Alpin Sun GmBH over a three years on this project for EPC.

Our approach is to make sure that Ghana get value for money and receive from us the best designed Solar Farms with maximum power output together with bringing substantial community benefits such as a new school, solar water pumps and street lighting and possible FREE 20 watt solar panels for villagers around each of the Solar Farms. To be able to do this we will need from the Ministry of Energy an open ended PPA, minimal losses at the sub station connection.



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